• Nate Johnson

10 Things I've Learned Training Women Over 30

You must get stronger. You must train hard, but not overdo it. You must train consistently. You must eat nutrient dense foods like veggies. Etc. However, after 4 years of working with women over 30, here are 10 things I've learned. 1) Age is No Excuse I train more than 50 women over 30 trying transform their body, health, and lifestyle. Based on their experience, I can assure you age is no excuse. Sure, being in your 20's has its advantages, but if you consistently strength train and improve your eating habits over time, the results are amazing. 2) They Don't Have a Slow Metabolism Speaking of age as an excuse, something that gets tossed around frequently is the idea of a "slow metabolism." This isn't the case. If you're struggling to lose weight, I promise you aren't strength training, you're eating too many calories, or both. And what's funny is my clients never feel deprived despite consistently losing a dress size every 3 months. That doesn't sound like a slow metabolism to me! 3) They Won't Get Bulky From Lifting Weights This myth needs to die. Women lack the testosterone needed to get bulky. Science tells us this. But so do the dozens of before and after pictures of my clients who have lost multiple dress sizes and toned up all over from lifting weights. 4) The Stronger They Are, the Easier it Is to Lose Fat Being stronger = more muscle = more calories burned each day. Want to fix that "slow metabolism?" Lift weights! My clients who have been lifting for 6+ months find fat loss to be incredibly easy. 5) They Love to Lift Weights...Heavy Weights Strength Training isn't just super effective. It's a ton of fun! My clients love the feeling of getting stronger. Even though most of them were intimidated by the idea of lifting weights when they started. (Note: it's ok to feel nervous! But don't let that nervousness stop you from trying something new.)  It shifts the focus from being negative ("I hate my body, let me burn a ton of calories") to being positive ("how can I be better today than I was yesterday?") 6) They Recover Faster Between Sets and Can Handle More Volume Than Men I found this fascinating. After a regular set of squats I want at least 2 minutes rest before doing another set. After a REALLY tough set of squats, I want closer to 5 minutes rest. Those numbers are more like 1 minute and 2.5 minutes for the women I train. Not only that, but they can tolerate about 50% more sets in their workouts than men. This is one of the few differences between men and women when it comes to designing their workouts. 7) They Need to Pay Extra Attention to the Lowering Portion of the Lift For some reason, most women want to lower the bar very quickly. They have a tendency to only focus on the lifting portion of the movement. It's very important that they focus on the entire movement. Control it down (don't drop it) then press the weight up quickly. 8) They Love to Talk During Their Sets....And In Between Too Watch a group of men workout. They'll talk between sets, but once they're touching the bar they get really quiet. Men aren't good at multi-tasking so we have to get laser-focused while lifting. My clients will just keep talking. Even if it's a super tough set! I'm impressed every time. 9) They Love Training in a Ladies Only Environment At Steel Strength Training many of our sessions are Ladies-Only. We've found our clients are much more comfortable in this setting. Especially considering the majority of our clients are complete beginners when it comes to strength training. 10) They Make the BEST Clients Women over 30 make the best clients. I absolutely love the women I work with. They're hardworking, dedicated, and they tell all their friends about Steel Strength Training. You won't find a better group of people to work with!

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