• Nate Johnson

The 4 Secrets to Being Beach Ready Year-Round

The weather is getting warmer and we’re seeing more sunshine, so you start scrambling to get back in shape. You want to be ready for your summer beach trip or all the outdoor events you’ll be attending. It’s frustrating because you know you can’t actually get beach-ready in 2 months…but you make a half-hearted attempt anyway. But eventually you give up and forget about it til next year.

It sucks right?

Abbie stays beach ready year-round!

Now imagine a different scenario. The Summer months roll around and you don’t do anything different than you’ve been doing all year. You’re already beach-ready. Now all you have to worry about is when you’ll go to the beach, or which swimsuit you'll wear to the part (it's hard to choose when you look so good in all of them!)

For most of us this sounds like a dream- an impossible dream. But it’s not!

Answer me this- IF the second scenario could be true, would you want it to be true for you? Of course you would! That’s why I want to tell you 4 secrets to being beach ready year-round.

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1) Forget About Being Beach Ready THIS Year

Wow, we’re already off to a crappy start. I know, I know. Point number 1 is frustrating, but it’s true. You and I both know it. There’s no way you were actually going to get beach ready in 2 months anyway.

Let’s take the pressure off ourselves and aim to be beach ready for NEXT summer, or even Christmas of this year, but not THIS summer.

To be beach ready year-round requires playing the long-term game. You have to ditch quick fixes, awful diets, and unsustainable workouts. Instead you need to set yourself up with a long-term lifestyle change. A plan that’s both effective and enjoyable. One you’ll still be making progress with 1, 2, and 10 years from now.

Think you're too old to be beach ready year-round? Well you aren't! Tracy is turning 50 soon ;)

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2) Strength Train 2-3 Days Per Week

If you want to be beach ready, I’m assuming you want that toned defined look. If that’s the case, you have to start Strength Training 2-3 days per week. There’s absolutely no way around this.

You can do Cardio for hours each week but you won’t get nearly the same results you’ll get from Strength Training.

Strength Training is going to help you build muscle which makes you looked more defined AND it helps you shed more bodyfat. Cardio can’t do that.

So why just 2-3 days per week? Great question!

At Steel Strength Training we’ve found 2-3 days per week to be ideal for pretty much everyone, because when people start lifting more than 3 days per week they start to have a hard time recovering from their workouts. Also, more than 3 days per week tends to be really impractical for anyone with a normal schedule (work 40 hours, family, kids, social events, etc.)

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3) Walk a Lot

Walking is hands down the most underrated exercise for fat loss. If you walk 20-30 minutes more than you currently do each day, you’ll lose an extra 1-2 pounds of fat per month. Do that for 12 months and you’ve lost 12-24 pounds of fat!

Walking also allows you to burn extra calories without feeling hungry. This is very different from traditional cardio methods like running, biking, and cardio classes because these more intense forms of cardio often make you hungrier. If you burn 500 calories in a cardio session but it leaves you ravenous and you overeat later, that cardio session didn’t do you any good!

Oh, and you don’t have to do all this walking at once. The easiest thing to do is add in extra walking throughout the day with things like parking at the back of the parking lot, taking the stairs at work, walking to lunch, etc. Toss in the occasional 10-20 minute walk and you’ll be burning all kinds of unwanted fat!

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4) Dial in Your Nutrition

We can't write an article about being beach ready without talking about what you’re eating. As you likely already know, nutrition is incredibly important for fat loss. In fact, if your nutrition sucks there’s only so much that Strength Training and Walking can do for you.

So how should you approach nutrition?

I’ll answer this fully in next week’s blog so be on the lookout, but I’ll answer it shortly here:

  • Consume lots of real foods- veggies, fruits, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, potatoes, rice, etc.

  • Reduce the amount of pre-packaged and sugary foods you consume.

  • Drink lots of water

  • Eat until you’re satisfied but not stuffed

  • If you want a treat, eat it and don’t feel guilty!

If you follow these 4 steps I guarantee you'll be beach ready by this time next year!

Are you excited about the possibility of being beach ready year-round? You certainly should be!

But if this process seems a little overwhelming to you, or you think you’d benefit from some accountability to your goals, we’d love to help.

At Steel Strength Training we give you the tools you need to absolutely crush your fitness goals and we’d love to work with you!

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