• Nate Johnson

5 Ways to Crush Sugar Cravings

  1. Hydrate: Mild dehydration often masks itself as hunger. This false hunger often leads to sugar cravings. Try downing a big glass of water the next time you feel a craving. Wait a few minutes to see if the craving disappears.

  2. Cut Back on Artificial Sweeteners: Our pleasure from real sugar is regulated in the brain by dopamine. Artificial sweeteners tease the taste buds but do not have the same response to the brain. Regular consumption of artificial sweeteners may lead to craving for sugar-laden foods.

  3. Ease Up On the Sweets: Instead of going cold turkey, try gradually cutting back on the sweets. Your body and taste buds will adjust over time and your cravings will become less and less as your sugar consumption decreases.

  4. Rest Up: A tired brain makes poor decisions, especially when it comes to eating. Your cravings shift to cheap energy sources, usually in the form of sugar, to keep your body going. Make sure you’re sleeping well at night (7-8 hrs) and recovering in between workouts.

  5. Kombucha: Have a craving that you just can’t kick? Try drinking some kombucha. This fermented tea drink has very little sugar, but enough to satisfy a craving. It also contains acetic acid which helps prevent blood sugar spikes and may even supress sugar cravings.