• Nate Johnson

Accountability Isn't Optional If You Want to Get Toned, Strong, and Healthy

Would you be surprised if I told you the number 1 reason people train at Steel Strength Training is the accountability? When I first talk with people, they aren't as concerned about things like: -What type of exercise will we be doing? -Is this the most effective program out there? The one thing everyone says they need is accountability.  That's why so many people have gym memberships with no results to show for it. It's not that the gyms have a problem, they don't. But a gym only offers you equipment. It gives you the stuff you need to get in shape. But there's no accountability with a gym membership. The number 1 reason people see results at Steel Strength Training is we hold you accountable to your goals.

We're no different than a doctor, a financial adviser, or a therapist. We don't actually do the work for you. We just give you the tools and external accountability you need to meet your goals. There's something almost miraculous about regular, in-person contact with someone who cares about you reaching your goals. Most of us know WHAT to do, but so few of us can do it on our own. I know I can't. I'm a personal trainer, own a gym, and have been working out for 8+ years and I need accountability for my fitness goals. I also need accountability for my business goals, for my marriage, and for my finances. In fact, the most successful people in the world have dozens of people keeping them accountable to their goals. What makes you think you're different? It's human nature to get lazy. It's human nature to overestimate how hard and how much we're working. It's human nature to lie to ourselves. Someone keeping you accountable sees right through your lies. Right through your laziness. And tells you the truth no matter how it makes you feel. That's our mission at Steel Strength Training. We want to love our clients well. And we believe that means gently and graciously pushing you to do better. Pushing you a little closer to your goals. We've got a lot to offer at Steel Strength Training. But the best thing we offer is accountability. Because accountability isn't optional if you want to get toned, strong, and healthy. Need someone to keep you accountable? Give us a call at 205-705-9591 to discuss your goals and schedule a free consultation.