• Nate Johnson

An Inside Perspective on a Client's Journey to Creating a Lifestyle Change

Texts from a "Lifelong Fat, Unhealthy Person"

I got these texts from the incredible Danielle- she's been with us for a year and has completely turned her life around. I've shared her pics and story all over my website and social media so you may recognize her.

I'm going to take each text and talk about each one. But being able to hear these ideas from her in such a real, raw way is incredible.

Here's Danielle:

I've not been overweight. Not in any serious way. It's funny because I got into fitness as a young, skinny kid looking to build muscle. Today, I help middle-age women (who are often overweight) change their body, health, and lifestyle.

We have totally different stories, but now I'm more passionate about changing lives than I'll ever be about building muscle.

Changing your mind is the first step to changing your body, your health, and your lifestyle. You need to have both self-love and the desire for self-improvement.

Self-improvement without self-love is based in fear, guilt, shame, or pride. None of which are healthy or sustainable.

Self-love without desire for self-improvement is childish. To be alive is to grow, to change, to improve. You don't actually love yourself if you don't want to grow. On the negative side of things, you aren't perfect. You've got a long way to go. But on a positive note, you have so much potential! You owe it to yourself to see just how far you can go!

Bingo! You have to do something you love. If you don't enjoy the activity, there's zero chance you'll stick with it long-term.

I can't tell you how many clients have told me tracking food changed their life. It's not even something that needs to be done forever. Tracking food for 1-2 months is really eye-opening. Like Danielle says, you have no idea how much you're actually eating.

If you want to be successful with your health and fitness, you need to give up the quick fixes and start looking for a real solution.

There is no quick fix. Which is why I set out to create a simple, no B.S. program to completely change your body, health, and lifestyle.

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