• Nate Johnson

Birmingham Woman Wows Her Doctor After 9 Months of Strength Training

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

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I'll never forget my first phone call with Danielle.

Danielle: "Nate, do you guys work with old, fat people?" She was hoping to join the program with her husband, but had concerns about being able to "keep up."

Nate: "You aren't old and fat! But yes, we'll change your life. That's a promise. As for the workouts, they'll be tailored to you so they're never too hard, or too easy. It'll be just right for your current fitness levels."

A week later, Danielle and her husband Bill were in for their first workout. They are some of our most loyal members!

Listen to what she has to say:

"This is what I've been waiting on. 14 months apart. I started this journey last August.
I was 48, now I'm 49 years old.
Both of my parents and all grandparents except one died pretty young. I just wanted to get healthy and strong.
The SST program works, if you work!!
I've been heavy since I was 15 years old. I've taken diet pills, done every diet from WW to the most extreme, crazy stuff you've ever seen! The ONLY thing that really works is work.
Hard work.
I'm super proud of myself and eternally grateful to my SST family, and especially our fabulous trainers. You've all made me realize I can do this, I can put in the work.
I'm not too old, too fat, etc.
I know that they all really care about us, we aren't just numbers in a computer. Thank you Zach Thomas, Nate Johnson, Kayla Dodson, Brady Isbell, and Jack DeGaris."
-Danielle Self

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