• Nate Johnson

Build Your Dream Body With Barbells

I used to talk about barbell training a lot, but as of recently I haven't. Have my methods changed? Are my views on training different? Not at all. In fact, the more I train men and women with barbells, the more and more I believe in them! Seriously, they're the closest thing to magic out there. The reason I've hesitated to talk about barbells is because so many people are intimidated by them. Can you relate?  When you think of barbells do you think of high school football players, or super buff and ripped bodybuilders? I get it. In fact, when I started training I thought the barbell would make me look like that too.  I wanted to be big like the bodybuilders. I'm not. Even after 8+ years of training. No, I just look like a normal, fit guy. And the women I train? They're lean, strong, and toned.  Here's what I know. The stronger you get, the leaner and more defined you'll get. And the fastest way to get stronger is with a barbell. That's why barbell training is hands down the fastest way to build your dream body.

  • Want a firm, curvy butt to fill out your jeans? Check.

  • Want lean, defined arms? No problem.

  • Want to obliterate back fat? Done.

  • Want to drop a few sizes and look amazing at summer events in 2018? Easy.

  • And most of all, want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat you've been fighting for years....or decades? This is the answer.

You need to train with a barbell. Don't forget....Strength = Progress. And the barbell is the fastest way to get stronger. If you're ready to build your dream body, join us at Steel Strength Training where we'll give you step by step instructions on how to properly strength train with barbells. This way you'll never get hurt, you'll see your body transform before your eyes, and you'll have fun doing it! Give us a call at 205-705-9591 to schedule your free consultation today!