• Nate Johnson

CrossFit Works; It's NOT Your Best Choice

Crossfit works. Really, really well. Don’t believe me? Just take a look around at the people doing it. They’re lean, strong, and healthy.

But CrossFit isn’t the right choice for you.

And look, I'm assuming YOU aren't a 16 year old athlete. You're working 40-60 hours per week at a high-stress job, you're not sleeping enough, your diet isn't on point, and you certainly aren't 16 anymore.

Here are 3 Big Reasons CrossFit is NOT Your Best Choice

Strength Training 3 Days Per Week for 45 Minutes Will Get You Incredible Results

1) CrossFit is built around workouts involving what I like to call “High-Risk; High-Reward” movements.

Olympic Lifting, Box Jumps, and Burpees, are just a handful of the popular CrossFit exercises that will get you great results while also making you vulnerable to injury.

These movements aren’t inherently bad. They can be really awesome when used in their proper context. (Except maybe Burpees lol)

But when you have someone doing these movements who hasn’t worked out in, oh I don’t know…2 years, 10 years, or maybe never….and then you remember they’ve been stuck at a desk for their entire life so they have terrible mobility, they’re doing the exercises while tired because they just ran a quarter mile, and to top it off they feel the pressure from the group.

No one wants to be the slowest person!

And what do you get?

A really dumb, unsafe workout.

You Don't Need to Workout Super Hard All the Time; In Fact, You Shouldn't!

2) Super Intense Workouts On a Regular Basis Are Not Sustainable

Doing an intense workout every once in a while to test yourself is awesome. In fact I highly encourage you do this!

But doing that on a regular basis is simply not sustainable. Mentally it is very difficult to get yourself amped up enough to put it all on the line multiple times per week for months on end.

And physically, you won't be able to recover from all those workouts. Remember, we get better by working out then recovering from those workouts. Not just by doing a million workouts.

Just Like a Good Diet, Your Workout Plan Needs to Get You Results AND Be Sustainable

3) Super Intense Workouts on a Regular Basis Wreck Your Health

Working out is a stress to your body. But we know stress can be a good thing. Stress forces us to adapt and become better.

But there’s a limit to how much stress you can handle. And when you consider you work 40-60 hours per week at a high-stress job, you don’t sleep enough, your diet isn’t on point, and you’re not 16 anymore…you need to be careful with how much stress you take on. Even a good stress like working out.

Stress increases the hormone Cortisol, and when Cortisol is elevated it screws with your sleep, your circadian rhythm, and it will drive your cravings through the roof!!

All this ultimately leads to you burning out, overeating junk food, and being in worse shape than when you started.

Stop Following All This Crazy Fitness Advice and Follow Something That Actually Works!

Now it’s easy to talk about all the things that are wrong with CrossFit.

But let me offer a suggestion- the best way for you to train.

The best thing you can do is 3 Strength Training workouts per week focused around “Low-Risk, High Reward” movements.

These include the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Rows. Focus on using perfect form. Take plenty of rest between sets. And put all your energy into getting stronger.

Finish your workouts with some arms, ab, and glute exercises and maybe toss in a few sled pushes or carry something heavy.

Do this 3 days per week or 45 minutes for the next year and you’ll be blown away at your newfound body, health, and lifestyle.

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