• Nate Johnson

Do These 3 Things to Achieve Any Fitness Goal

The Fitness Industry loves to overcomplicate things.

It leaves you frustrated, confused, with no results...despite all your hard work and trying a million different things. I've found the fastest way to achieving most fitness goals is to simplify the process. In fact, the simpler the better.

Do these 3 things and it will help you achieve just about any fitness goal you have!

  1. Get Stronger Every Workout

  2. Eat Plenty of Protein at Each Meal

  3. Get Plenty of Sleep

That's it! Here's why doing these 3 things works so well:

Get Stronger Every Workout

Getting stronger literally improves everything. You're stronger. You build muscle. Tone up. Improve balance. Increase endurance and stamina. Prevent injury. And boost confidence.

Notice I said "getting stronger" does all that! Not just exercising.

Yes exercising is good for us. It's good to move and sweat. But it's better to do that while getting stronger!

So each time you step in the gym, walk in with the intention of doing more than you did last time. It doesn't need to be a a huge increase either. Do 1 more rep. Add 1 more pound. Because that adds up to massive change over the course of a year.

Eat Plenty of Protein at Each Meal

Most people want to get leaner.

Besides getting stronger, the best way to achieve that is to up your protein intake.

Start every meal with plenty of protein!

Increasing your protein intake means you'll build more muscle and recover faster between workouts. And more muscle = a faster metabolism!

Eating more protein also keeps you full and meat (the ideal protein source) gives you lots of great vitamins and minerals. Which means you'll find yourself eating less junk food.

All of the above will lead to a leaner body!

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is so critical to our health. It's also very important in helping us reach out fitness goals.

More sleep means you recover faster between workouts, build more muscle and strength, and being rested means less cravings for junk food.

In fact, we eat much healthier, we eat fewer calories, and we burn more fat when we get more sleep!

The good news, is Strength Training will actually help you improve your sleep!

Now there are definitely other things you can focus on during your fitness journey. Yes, you should be eating fruits and veggies. And don't forget to stay hydrated.

But the 3 things I mentioned have the greatest impact on my clients' results than anything else. So I thought I'd pass it along to you!

You now have permission to ignore all the fitness industry noise and focus on these 3 things. Do them for 4 weeks and tell me how you look, feel, and perform!

-Nate Johnson

Owner at Steel Strength Training LLC

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After 1 month of getting stronger, eating more protein, and getting plenty of sleep

I promise. It works!

Come on, just give it a try!

Want more info about my 12 Week Beginner Strength Training Program? Click here and fill out the form. I'll contact you within 24 hours!