• Nate Johnson

Do You Feel Like Crossfit or Bootcamp Are Your Only Options?

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

"I really want to get stronger, more fit, and tone up. I've done Exercise Classes like Zumba for years and while I've lost weight, I'm not toning up like I want. I know I need to do something else, but I don't want to do Crossfit. It's too intense, and I'm worried about getting injured."

People tell me this on almost a weekly basis. It's amazing the number of people realizing they want to train hard, they want to do strength training, but they don't want to join a Crossfit gym.

Seemingly, that's all the options you have.

Not anymore!

At Steel Strength Training we do basic strength training. Not crossfit. Not bootcamp. Just regular strength training. And the results prove it really is your best option (Scroll down to see more progress photos.)

Abbie transformed her body and emotional relationship with food through basic strength training. No Crossfit, Bootcamps, or Cardio Required!

But let's dive into the pros and cons of Bootcamps/Exercise Classes and Crossfit. And then I'll tell you why Steel Strength Training offers you something completely different and so much better.



1) All Exercise is Great for Your Health

The difference between doing something and doing nothing is huge. I'd much rather you join an exercse class or bootcamp than do nothing at all. You'll see a huge improvement in health- specifically heart health. This gives you more energy and mental clarity throughout the day.

2) All Exercise Promotes Fat Loss

Doing a Bootcamp or an Exercise Class is going to burn more calories than sitting on the couch watching Netflix. This increase in calorie burn helps you lose fat! In fact, I've talked with many women who lost significant amounts of weight doing Bootcamps, Zumba, or Other Exercise Classes.


1) It's Easy to Get Lost in the Crowd Due to Large Class Size

Many of these classes have 20+ people with just 1-2 instructors. I've even heard of bootcamps having as many as 40 people in 1 class. The problem here is no one is watching YOUR form. This poses a serious injury risk. And no amount of progress is worth getting injured for! Also, once you leave the class no one is following up with you to hold you accountable to your goals. You come workout, and that's it! These groups can't be very personal due to their large size.

2) The Workouts Aren't Tailored to You

You have different needs than the other 19.... or 39 people in the class. So why are you all doing the same thing? Besides increasing your risk of injury, this sets you up for either 1) slow progress or 2) burnout. If the workouts aren't challenging enough, you won't make as good of progress as you could be making; and at the end of the day it's all about progress. The other possibility, and one I hear being an issue for a lot of people, is the workouts are just too hard. If you're consistently doing workouts that are too difficult, you will burn out. You simply can't sustain it, and burning out is a great way to ensure you don't reach your goals.



1) You Train Really Hard; and Hard Training Gets You Great Results

If there's one thing that's true about Crossfit, it's that you're going to workout hard. Really, really hard. And at the end of the day, hard training is going to get you results. I don't think there's any denying that people who stick with Crossfit for a long period of time will see incredible changes in their body.

2) You Use Barbells

Barbells are hands down the most effective training tool for getting stronger, burning fat, and toning up. Crossfit has done an incredible job of making training with barbells popular. I'm super grateful to Crossfit for this, because unfortunately bodybuillding and powerlifting have turned people (especially women) away from using a barbell because of all the images of people on steroids. Crossfit has showed us barbells don't make you bulky. Steroids do.


1) The Fast-Paced Training Environment Is Dangerous (and Unnecessary)

Crossfit workouts are often very fast-paced. You're doing highly technical movements like squats, deadlifts, presses, and Olympic lifts in a fatigued state. This is almost never a good idea. In the words of my friend who is a Physical Therapist- this is high risk, high reward. The funny thing is when you slow down your trianing and place all your focus on getting stronger, your results are better and your risk of injury is almost completely eliminated.

Summary of this point: Slowing down your training + focusing on getting stronger = BETTER results and never getting injured.

2) The Super Intense Workouts Often Lead to Burnout

I've talked with dozens of people who did Crossfit for a time. Despite seeing great results, they quit due to either getting injured or burning out. Injury aside, burnout is very common in intense workout programs. Intense training is key for getting great results, but that intense training also has to be manged so you can recover from the training. If you can't recover, your progress suffers, and you become exhausted. Then you quit. That means no results!

Again, slowing down the pace of your workouts, and training in an intense way that allows for proper recovery is key for maximizing progress. It's also important you ensure you continue to make progress for years on end- not just a few short months.

Steel Strength Training

Want to learn more about our program? Click here, fill out the form, and I'll contact you personally within 24 hours.

At Steel Strength Training, you'll have personalized workouts. That means you'll be doing your own program, and everyone else will be doing their own program. You still get the benefits of training in a group (better monthly price, flexible training schedule, increased energy in the gym) but with a workout that's safe and incredibly effective because it's YOURS.

When making that program, we ensure it is challenging enough to get you incredible results without causing your to burnout. We know that maximizing results means setting you up for long-term success. Our training program allows you to see results for years on end.

Our workouts are incredibly safe. Our trainers, myself included, spend tons of time with you to teach you proper form. Even after your first few weeks of very hands-on coaching, we will continue to monitor and correct your form as needed. We don't want you to get injured. Ever!

Quick note on class size: We keep our trainer-to-client ratio at 1:6. This ensures you get all the personal attention, instruction, and accountability you need.

Our workouts are also intense but slow-paced. You'll rest AT LEAST 1 minute between sets. This ensures you recover between sets and allows you to lift more weight at each set. This means no injuries and better progress. Oh, and you won't feel like you can't catch your breath. It's really a win-win all around.

If you've been thinking your only options were Bootcamps, Exercise Classes, or Crossfit this is great news. If you've been looking specifically for a Strength Training program in Birmingham, this is great news for you too.

No matter your reason for wanting to join a Strength Training program, we would love to work with you.

Want to learn more about our program? Click here, fill out the form, and I'll contact you personally within 24 hours.

Want to learn more about our program? Click here, fill out the form, and I'll contact you personally within 24 hours.