• Nate Johnson

Fitness Pros Never Talk About This (You Desperately Need to Hear It)

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

8 Avocados and 2 bags of Clementines went flying through the air, over the counter, and onto the kitchen floor. My wife and 2 children were watching.

I walked straight into the kitchen to clean the mess I willingly made.

I was frustrated. Very frustrated.

As most of you know, living in moldy apartments for the last 2 years wrecked my health. Fortunately we're out and doing much better. But I was secretly hoping the moment I left would be the moment all my problems would go away.

Just like that...I'd be healed.

But I'm not. And that's ok.

And...sometimes I throw various fruits of my choice when I've had a bad week and I'm frustrated.

Healing, the pursuit of health, and the pursuit of fitness are a journey. And journeys are hard.

You know what else is hard?


It's what everyone always said. But I didn't think so. At least I didn't think it was as hard as people said it was. (That my friends, was arrogance. Or stupidity. Probably both.)

All that changed with getting sick. Life IS hard.

But to be honest, despite the bad moments, I'm grateful. Because now I can relate to you in a way I never could have before. I care about you reaching your goals in a way I never would have before.

I care about you now more than I ever have.

My ability to love, care, and empathize with you is dramatically better now.

So when you say this fitness journey is hard. When you feel you just can't do it anymore. When you feel you can't go one more step. When you feel like the goal is too far away, and too difficult to attain. You might even feel it's impossible to reach at times.

Let me be the first to say:

I know.

Life is hard.

The journey you're on to pursue health, fitness, and a better life is hard.

You have a million valid reasons to quit. To just walk away right now.

But you won't. And you shouldn't.

Because you know what else is hard?

Staying the same. Lying in the mud. Not pursuing more and better.

So here's what you need to do. Think about your goal. Think about where you want to be. DREAM about it! Dream about what life is going to be like when you get there.

Incredible isn't it?

But how do you stay consistent? How do we keep moving forward when you don't feel like it?

Look your precious kids in the eye, and remember how this will change their life.

Notice your spouse, and think of all the ways you'll be closer as a result of this journey.

Talk to your community- your church, your workplace, your school, your neighborhood....and think of the ways this journey will enrich their lives.

Stare into the eyes of the man or woman in the mirror, and think about who you want to be. Because the best you is yet to come.

Do this daily. ALWAYS remember your why.

Now make your plan. And get to work. Day in and day out.

By the way- this isn't a pick yourself up by the bootstraps message. That's the kind of blow I would have written last year.

I was young. Naive.

This is a blog I'm writing from the trenches. I'm on my own journey.

Yes it's going to be hard. All you need to focus on is taking the next step. Just doing the next thing as well as you possibly can.

It doesn't need to be an incredible feat. Just take the next step.

Oh, and as long as you're at Steel. I'm here for you. I'm in this with you.

I will do everything in my power to help you get where you're going.

Now let's go make your dreams a reality!

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