• Nate Johnson

Frustration and Failure Are Opportunities to Change

Failure is part of life. We fail every day in all areas of life. If we fail our spouse, our kids, or our boss, we feel bad about it. But then we get back up, brush the dust off, and do better next time. I want you to do the same thing with your training and nutrition. Life is hard. Fitness is hard. Expect failures and frustration. But when they come, use it as an opportunity to get better. Don't quit. One day I was talking on the phone with a potential client. Her biggest fear was that this would be no different than anything else she tried. I told her the only way she won't succeed is if she quits. She's still with me today and progressing quite nicely! If you feel stuck in the same cycle of losing and gaining the same 10 pounds, something has to change. And before you can change your eating and training, you have to change your mindset. You need to think like this: -WHEN, not if, the failures come, you're going to get back up and do better -You're going to do the best you can with what you have -One bad decision doesn't justify making another bad decision -You're not going to feel guilty about your training and eating. You need to be more focused on more important things -Eat well and train hard because you want to feel better and take care of your body, not because you hate yourself I want you to repeat this list to yourself every day for the next week. See what happens. You'll be blown away by the results! If you need accountability to your goals or if you'd like for someone to show you exactly WHAT to do in the gym, give me a call at 205-705-9591 and we'll schedule a gym consultation!