• Nate Johnson

Get Healthy to Drop Inches

You have a 0% chance of losing any fat if you aren't in a calorie deficit.

(For those that don't know- a calorie deficit just means eating fewer calories per day than you burn.)

It's just the truth.

BUT getting healthy is the key to comfortably and sustainably eating at a calorie deficit.

Essentially- Get healthy if you want to lose fat and keep it off for good.

As a society we tend to think we get healthier when we lose weight. In a sense this is true. Losing excess weight and bodyfat is great for so many aspects of health- your heart, many other organs, your joints, even your brain!

But the opposite tends to be more true in my opinion. That is, once you get healthy it's easier to lose fat. Or at least you'll find fat loss getting easier and easier as you get healthier.

First of all I know this from personal experience. I gained a significant amount of fat while living in our apartment that was so moldy and making us sick. Since moving out I've lost 20 pounds. And eating in a calorie deficit is now super easy.

In fact, I haven't even been trying to lose weight. I've just cleaned up my diet in order to get healthy.

Second, I know this because so many people have inflammation and other auto-immune issues in their bodies. And they find that when they cut certain foods out- foods that have been aggravating their bodies- they start losing fat again.

I've found both from personal experience and observation that when you're eating foods that cause inflammation or bother your body, it's hard to eat in a calorie deficit. It's as if the more we eat those irritating foods, the more we crave them.

We just launched a 21 Day Summer Slimdown Nutrition Plan for our members 2 weeks ago. Part of the reason so many of them are having so much success on this plan is because we've removed many of the foods that tend to bother people. That was not an accident :)

In addition to removing any foods from your diet that might be bothering you, you need to make sure you're getting AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep per night, drink plenty of water, be active daily, and Strength Train 3 days per week. If you do that you'll start easily losing fat.

We're interested in helping you get healthy AND fit. Not just fit.

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