• Nate Johnson

How to Stay Motivated in 2018

If you're anything like me you often struggle to feel motivated. Even if it's something you love. I guess we just get lazy sometimes. In fact, I've noticed there's a lot of resistance when it comes to creating a positive change in our lives. Making the wrong or lazy decision is always so easy. And making the right decision is so hard sometimes! That's why I wanted to tell you how to stay motivated in 2018! So often we look to inspirational quotes, Instagram posts, motivational speeches, and the perfect playlist. But we already know those don't help in the long run. We get excited for a couple minutes, then the excitement fades and we're back to where we started. Or worse. Because now we're bummed about another failed attempt to get motivated. What's the solution? If you want to stay motivated in 2018, you must commit to Your goals no matter how you feel! Feelings come and go. And while it sure is great when we feel motivated to do the things we ought to do, those feelings won't last. Commitment is the only thing that gets you through those tough times.  It's no different than commitment to your relationships, your family, your job, etc. You and I both know we can feel super lazy and the last thing we want to do is do the thing we ought to do!  So what's going to make you do it anyway? A commitment! A commitment to putting in the work regardless of how you feel that day. Feeling motivated? Great! Enjoy it and put in the work. Feeling lazy and couldn't care less? No worries, just do the work anyway. And here's the thing: you may not want to do the work, but you will love the results. Your body, health, and lifestyle don't care about your feelings. They can only be transformed by putting in the work. So tell me- Are you going to wait and wait and wait until you feel motivated? Or are you going to commit to transforming your body, health, and lifestyle in 2018?