• Nate Johnson

How We Grew From 12 to 100 Gym Clients in 16 Months

100 clients. Wow! 16 year old Nate wouldn’t believe it.

Photo Cred: Eleanor Stenner Photography

Who is 16 year old Nate? Well, it’s me 9 years ago- a skinny kid with a new-found love for strength training. I was tired of being skinny and weak. So I started lifted weights. But Strength Training changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

It’s made me a better husband, dad, friend, business owner, and much more. The barbell has taught me life lessons.

And now it’s doing the same thing for 100 Birmingham men and women.

When I decided to quit Physical Therapy school in December of 2016, I had 12 clients. 12 amazing clients.

I knew if I quit school I needed to have 50 clients for the decision to have paid off. We hit 50 clients around June of last year. I was stoked.

Here we are 16 months after quitting school and we have 100 clients.

So how did we do it?

We’ve grown from hard work, taking a few risks, incredible support from friends and family (especially my wife!), and most importantly a whole lot of Jesus. Prayer has been the backbone of this business. We pray about everything (except where to get coffee. We go to Seed’s. They’re awesome.)

Ultimately this business has grown because God has opened doors for us, He’s given us the right clients at the right time, and He’s given us the gifts and talents we have.

We just have to stay humble and put in some work.

So what’s our next goal? 200 clients by the end of 2018.

Your help would be amazing! If you’re a client, or you’ve found our videos/blogs/posts helpful in any way, would you share this blog with your friends?

If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that running a business is NOT a one person show. It takes a community to build something special. And you’re the reason Steel Strength Training is where it’s at today.

So thank you!

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