• Nate Johnson

More Exercise Isn't the Answer; A Better Training Program Is

If you aren’t seeing great (or any) results in the gym, I bet you’ve thought about doing more. More cardio. More sets. More days per week.

What if I told you that you don’t need more exercise? What if I told you that you may need less exercise than you’re currently doing? Sounds crazy right?

But I’ve seen it time and time again, if you aren’t getting the results you want…

You don’t need more exercise. You need a better training program. You need Strength Training.

Now if you’re currently doing a grand total of 0 exercise, it’s time to turn off Netflix, put on your shoes, and get moving. Specifically start moving towards Steel Strength Training.

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But if you’re in that group of people who’s been active for a while…crushing fitness classes, cardio workouts, and even “doing some weights” from time to time but you just aren’t getting results anymore…it’s time for a better training program. It's time for Strength Training.

Here are 3 signs you need a better training program instead of more exercise:

1) Your Progress Has Slowed Down Significantly Since You Started

Everyone acts like it's normal for your progress to slow down. To an extent this is true, but if you're doing things right it should be a fairly straight shot until you get to your goal. Sure, you'll have your ups and downs. You won't execute the plan perfectly, but you should be seeing consistent results.

If you're 2 or 3 months into a program and it's not working, you either need to A) Make sure you're actually following the program or B) Do a better program.

Slow/Stalled results is a common issue with cardio-based programs. If you aren't Strength Training, your results are going to slow down. Why? Because the body adapts to cardio really well. Every time you do a certain type of cardio, your body gets more and more efficient at it. That's great if you want to get good at something (like running for example) but it's bad if your goal is to burn fat. Because with every run, you're burning fewer and fewer calories.

If your progress has seriously slowed down or completely stalled, it's time for a better program.

2) Your Workout Program Isn't Enjoyable or Sustainable

Be honest. Do you enjoy your workouts most of the time? If you answered yes and you're getting the results you want... heck yeah! I'm happy for you! Just keep doing your thing.

But if you dread working out most of the time, if you don't enjoy it, or if your workouts leave you feeling exhausted...it's time for a change. Remember, the goal is to get fit and stay fit. And if you can't see yourself doing this program 10 months from now, much less 10 years from now, it's time for a change.

3) You're Not Seeing the Results You Want

Part of the reason I workout is because I enjoy it. But let's be honest, a huge reason you workout is because you want results right??

I mean if you aren't getting leaner, stronger, and healthier you're just wasting your time.

So I have to ask...are you seeing the results you want?

If you answered yes, keep crushing it. And thanks for taking the time to read my article :)

But if you say no, it's time for a change. If you're consistently working out you should consistently be seeing results. It's that simple. And if you answered no AND you aren't Strength Training...well there's your problem!

Strength Training is hands down the fastest and most effective way to transform your body, health, and lifestyle. Why? Because building muscle does 3 really important things:

1. Building Muscle Increases Your Metabolism

Simply carrying more muscle on your body leads to more calories burned throughout the day. That means you’ll burn fat faster.

2. Building Muscle Gives You That Toned/Defined Look

You can do cardio until the cows come home but you’ll just end up smaller. If you want to look toned or defined, you need to know a little secret: You can’t actually “tone” a muscle. Being toned means having more muscle and getting rid of some of the fat so you can see the muscle better. That’s why getting stronger and building muscle will get you looking how you want.

3. Building Muscle Increases Performance

More muscle will increase your performance in anything you do. Not only will muscle make you look better, it will prevent you from getting out of breath when you walk up the stairs at work.

Bonus: You Low-Key Don't Know What to Do In The Gym But You Don't Want to Admit It

There is absolutely no shame in admitting you're not 100% sure what to do in the gym. Some people don't mind admitting this but some people have a hard time with it. Why? I'm not totally sure, but it's almost like the fitness industry talks to us like we should know what to do in the gym. But that's crazy.

There's so much conflicting info out there it's a miracle anyone knows what to do.

Fortunately, after a decade of Strength Training and years of training hundreds of clients we know what does and doesn't work. If you ever have a question, please ask. I'm happy to help.

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If you’re currently exercising at least 2-3 days per week but you aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s time to focus on doing a better training program instead of just adding more and more exercise to your weekly routine.

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