• Nate Johnson

Quit Dieting and Start Losing Fat

If you've been trying to diet for more than 6 months and you aren't significantly leaner than when you started, you need to stop dieting immediately.  Dieting certainly works. Severely restricting calories, eating super healthy, and eating small quantities will definitely lead to fat loss. And if your reason for dieting is big enough, you'll make it happen. When is it a good idea to diet? -You want to get in amazing shape for a vacation, wedding, photo shoot, etc. -Someone offers you a million dollars to get super lean -That's it. If you don't fall into one of those categories, you need a lifestyle approach.

With dieting comes feelings of hunger, fatigue, missing out, anxiety around food, and some OCD tendencies.You need a lifestyle that allows you to love exercise, enjoy the delicious foods you love, and effortlessly lose fat. How do you do that?

1. You have to break up with the dieting mentality. First, it's time to give yourself permission to eat ANY food you want in ANY quantity you want. Yes, you read that correctly. No foods are off limit. It's time to stop feeling guilty about eating certain foods. Food is a good thing! If it's Friday night, go ahead and crush some hot wings and maybe a beer. But do you really NEED 3 beers and 20 hot wings? I doubt it. If you know you can have whatever you want at any time, you won't feel the need to binge. 2. Next, it's time to be mindful of why you're eating what you're eating. If you're eating because you really want it, go for it! If you're eating because you're bored, sad, it's in front of you, etc, it's time to put the food down. 3. Lastly, it's time to stop hating yourself. Ultimately, we should want to be healthy, look great, and take care of ourselves so we can love and serve those around us to the best of our abilities. Be grateful for life and for a body that allows you to do all the things you love. Regardless of how your clothes fit or what you see in the mirror. Start thinking about training and eating to be better, not because you hate yourself. Eat to fuel training. Train because you love to be strong and useful. And so you can be a badass! Use your strength to love and serve those around you and enjoy life to the fullest. Oh, and don't forget to flex in the mirror once per day!

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