• Nate Johnson

Stacey, Squats, and Strength Training

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I love every single client I work with. Seriously, I care deeply about each and every one of them. (That means YOU, if you're a client reading this.)

But some clients have played a bigger role than others in the success of the business. Stacey is EASILY top 5.


Stacey started training with me when I started Steel Strength Training but was still training at another gym. She gave me my first equipment when we moved into the space we're in now. We still use all of it to this day.

Not only that, she's been a huge encouragement and an endless supply of great business ideas. She's also hard working; her results prove it.

And now she's helping the business by letting me share her story and incredible progress photos:

"I've always liked fitness and working out, but I hadn't consistently worked out in a long time and felt like I needed accountability to get back into it. That's why I started working with Nate in 2014.

I trained with Nate for a long time and the results were great, but decided I wanted to do it on my own. Despite my best intentions...it didn't work out.

I started training at Steel Strength Training again in 2017. I was seeing good results in the beginning, but decided to kick it up a notch by really dialing in my nutrition in addition to the strength training I was already doing.

The results have been awesome! Strength Training and good nutrition work like magic!

My goal is to be in the absolute best shape of my life by my birthday this summer. I can't wait to show you the updated progress photos."

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