• Nate Johnson

Step Out in Faith, Or Don't Live at All

Imagine a life where you never dream of doing more with your time, money, and energy.

Imagine a life where you do the same things every single day until you die.

Imagine you don't pursue what sets your heart on fire out of fear of failure.

Does that sound like your life right now?

Some things should be played safe. Things like looking both ways before crossing the street and drinking coffee every single day because it *may* prevent liver issues. In some areas of life though, if you play it safe, you've already lost. Things like friendships, love, and fitness.

If you want to live a life free of failure and disappointment, you're also going to live a life of mediocrity. You won't feel alive. You won't be living. You'll just be existing.

Don't want to be hurt by friends? Don't have any.

Don't want to be hurt by your spouse? Love them less than they love you.

Don't want to fail another diet or workout program? Don't try to make a change ever again.

These sound ridiculous, but it's how so many of us live our lives. We're not hot or cold; we're lukewarm.

A good friend told me in the midst of my decision of whether or not to quit physical therapy school, "Don't half ass anything. You need to pick something and pour all your marbles in."

We love to talk about stepping out in faith. But our understanding of faith isn't totally accurate.We treat faith like this wishy washy hope. We hope something falls in our lap. We hope something comes true. The same way we hope there's Blue Bell ice cream at the party. It's nothing more than wishful thinking.That's not faith.

Faith is an action. We're supposed to "step out in faith." When you do that, you're going to offend some people. You're going to be hurt by others. But you're going to be living life with purpose! You'll have passion, energy, and motivation. You'll be inspired!

Step out in faith in...

Your Marriage. Your marriage could turn out bad in so many ways. But that's no way to live. Invest all you can in your spouse.

Your Friendships. Be an amazing friend. All the time.

Fitness. Quit HOPING to get in shape. Step out in faith, pick a program, and go ALL IN!

I hope this blog comes across as a little offensive. Not because I like to make people angry, but because I care.

I could have written a sympathetic blog about how it's not your fault and how you can't do anything about it. That might make you feel warm and fuzzy for all of 10 seconds, but it wouldn't do one thing for you.

No, I'm sending you this because my greatest desire for you is that you live a life of faith. That you pursue things that aren't yet seen. That you put all your marbles into one basket until you fail or succeed.

Dream big. Set a goal. Take a Risk. Step out in faith.

Are you ready to pursue your goals with 100% commitment?

Are you ready to take that next step and hire a personal trainer to give you all the tools you need to be successful in your pursuit of better body, health, and lifestyle, let me know today.