• Nate Johnson

Stop Aiming So High With Your Goals

Me: What do you plan to do this week?

Shelby: Survive.

We both cracked a smile.

Last night my wife and I were talking about our goals for the week. I like to talk through what my goals are for the week and she graciously humors me.

She went on to say “I’m not aiming very high this week.” I whipped my head around and told her….that sounds like a blog post. So here we are.

Unlike the past 3 weeks, I made my list much shorter.


So I can actually get it all done!

If you’re anything like me you end up making this huge to-do list and getting excited about the possibilities. Only to wake up the next day, look at your list, and be completely unsure where to start.

So you don’t do anything.

I’ve done this dozens of times. And I’ve seen people do it with their health and fitness hundreds of times.

The thought of achieving your big, scary goal is well…scary. And to be honest it seems impossible. So you don’t take action.

Can I offer you a solution?

Here are 3 ways you can guarantee you’ll reach any goal…no matter how big:

1) Identify Your Big, Scary Goal

The most important part of achieving any goal is knowing what your goal is! Identify EXACTLY what it is you want. This way we know whether or not we’ve hit the goal.

2) Create an Action Plan

Goals aren’t achieved by dreaming or thinking. They’re achieved by taking action! The doers are the ones who win the prize.

But the easiest way to ensure we do something is by creating a specific, simple action plan.

Rather than saying:

“Workout 3 times this week”

Break it down into the following components:

  1. Schedule 3 workouts for the week in the Gym’s App

  2. Clear my schedule for those 3 workout times

  3. Prep a pre-workout snack and put it in my gym bag

  4. Put my workout clothes/shoes in my gym bag and put the bag in the car the night before

It sounds obvious. But creating a detailed action plan like this does two things for us. First, it is so empowering when we cross something off the list. No matter how simple. Second, it ensures we do everything necessary to prevent the things that can get in our way of achieving the goal.

Now I know this sounds like a lot of work, but you won’t have to do it forever. Habits build on each other, so once you’ve been consistently working out for 2-3 months you can create an action plan for your next goal.

3) Work the Action Plan One Step at a Time

Here’s the hard part. But it’s also the rewarding part.

Just do the work!

You don’t even have to think about it. Just look at your list and do what it says.

Cross it off as you go so you feel like a champ- because you are!

4) Do More and Better Over Time

Remember, you don’t have to achieve everything at once. Habits and results build on each other.

The most important part is getting started. Once you’ve done that. Do more. Or do better.

Start with 2 days of working out. Then do 3. Then start walking every day. Then start working on your diet.

Focus on improving one area at a time until you’ve mastered it. Do this for a year and you’ll be a new person. Inside and out.

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