• Nate Johnson

Strong, Not Skinny

Skinny sucks. That’s a fact.

I’m not hating on anyone that’s skinny. Some people are sick, some have eating disorders, and some are born skinny.

I know because I was that skinny kid growing up.

Before getting into Strength Training I was 6’1” and 138 pounds. I was rail thin.

So what’s the problem with being skinny?

Skinny sucked. Because I was weak!

Getting strong changed every aspect of my life.

But after 10 years of dedicated Strength Training I’m skinny again.

I got really sick a year ago and I’m on the road to recovery. I haven’t been able to Strength train, I’m the skinniest I’ve been in years, and I hate it.

But I’m thankful this happened. It reminded me that being skinny, weak, and frail is NOT a good fitness goal. Regardless of who you are.

If all you want is to be skinny, I can’t help you. Because I’m interested in improving your life.

Changing your life as a whole. Not helping you wither away.

And how do we change your life?

We do that by getting strong.

Need some convincing?

Here are my 3 favorite reasons to be Strong, Not Skinny:

1) Being Strong Makes You FEEL and PERFORM Your Best

Being skinny doesn’t do anything for how you feel. Except make you hungry lol.

Being strong prevents injuries, builds your endurance, and enables you to do anything you want.

When you get strong, your joints are strengthened too. And since your muscles are working better and more powerfully, you’ll actually use your muscles to move rather than straining your low back, knees, hips, and shoulders.

Being strong means you’ll no longer feel limited by your body.

I’m sure you can relate to the hundreds of people I’ve talked to who say they’re tired of their body holding them back. They’re tired. They hurt. They constantly wonder if their body will allow them to do different activities with friends and family.

That’s exhausting. Physically exhausting of course. But even more emotionally exhausting.

When you get strong, you get your life back. There’s no better gift you can get!

2) Being Strong Builds Confidence

Being skinny is rooted in taking away. Being less than. Becoming less so you can feel better about yourself. The problem is you won’t feel better about yourself, no matter how skinny you get.

But when you pursue Strength, everything changes. You already love and appreciate your body, you just know you can be better. And you’re hungry for change- for a better life.

Every additional pound you lift is progress. A sign of a job well done. A sign your body is responding and becoming more. Becoming better!

I can’t tell you how fun it is to watch female clients who have been crash dieting and following fad exercise diets for decades ditch those quick fixes and start Strength Training.

It’s incredible. They’re new people within a couple months!

Sure, they look amazing.But the best part is how happy they are. How proud they are that they’re becoming BETTER! And how free they feel now that they're no longer enslaved to the scale.

3) Getting Strong is the #1 Most Effective Plan for Fat Loss

All this hating on getting skinny and you might think I want you to be fat for life.

No. I don’t.

I want you to be strong, healthy, and fit. And I promise if you pursue that goal you’ll see all the fat loss you want along the way.

Fat loss is just a byproduct of living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. And a healthy lifestyle revolves around getting strong!

When we get strong, we build muscle. This muscle boosts our metabolism which makes fat loss much, much easier.

This means we can lose weight with less effort, and maintain it very easily.

So basically you can lose fat and look amazing without depriving yourself.

You don’t need to go hungry. You just need to get strong!

Are you ready to ditch the quick fixes and fad diets and start focusing on getting strong?

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