• Nate Johnson

Successful People Have More Time in Their Day Than You

Okay, let's be honest, this headline is a lie.

You already know we all have the same 24 hours in a day. But why is it that successful people tend to crush everything they do? I mean seriously, these people are fit, have successful careers, are family focused, and very involved in their communities. How do they do it? They have priorities. We're human. We only have so much time and energy to spend each day. Priorities tell us how to spend that time and energy. More importantly, priorities tell us what to not spend our time on. I've heard you should make a list of 20 things you want to really focus on in life. Then cross off 15. What are your top 5 priorities? You should identify those 5 priorities and aggressively protect your time dedicated to those things. You should also say no to anything that isn't in your priorities. What are your Top 5 priorities? Choose them. Make time for them. And say no to anything and everything that threatens those priorities.  If your health is one of your priorities, are you regularly strength training, walking, and eating well? If not, I'd love to help!

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