• Nate Johnson

Take a Break From Hard Training to Lose More Fat

A De-load week is a week of training where you reduce your normal training stimulus (weight, number of sets, number of sets, etc.) and reduce it significantly. Essentially a De-load week means taking a break from hard training. A simple way to do this is to cut your sets in half. This way you're still getting practice with the heavy lifts but you get to enjoy a shorter workout as well as reap all the benefits of a De-Load week. Why do we De-load? For the benefits! There are two major benefits- physical and psychological. Physical Benefits of the De-load week: 1) Gives your joints/tendons/ligaments time to rest/heal 2) Training is a stress to the body. It ensures you can completely recover from the last month of hard training.  3) Points 1 and 2 prevent injury and allow you to make better strength gains which leads to faster progress Psychological Benefits of the De-load week: 1) Training is hard physically and mentally. It gives you a break from the mental stress of training hard. 2) The break from hard training leads to excitement, anticipation, and motivation to train even harder over the next month. That's why we take a break from our training. Ultimately, we do it because it leads to faster results and keeps you un-injured.

If you haven’t been training at all, it’s time to get started. If you’ve been training hard for a while and are starting to feel beat up, tired, and unmotivated, you should consider doing a De-load week.