• Nate Johnson

The Day I Realized I'm the Problem

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

I hated being wrong. I hated when people pointed out my flaws. When they told me I needed to improve. I hated it because deep down I knew it was true. But everything inside me didn't want to admit it.

For years, I constantly pointed the finger. I pointed to other people. My circumstances. Anything other than myself.

I wanted to convince myself the problem was out there.

It felt safe. And comfortable. I had made a house...a cozy house, out of all my excuses.

Then one day I realized...I'm the problem.

And I found that to be an incredibly freeing day. It freed me to acknowledge the objective truth about myself. I do some things really well, and I'm a royal screw up in other areas. That doesn't make those mistakes OK. But acknowledging a mistake is the first step to change.

Then I became comfortable with pointing at myself. In fact, now I beg people to tell me some things I can improve on. I love to be told the things I don't do well.

By acknowledging the facts. All the facts. I acknowledged it was MY failure that got me into this mess, and it's on ME to get myself out.

If you truly want to change something...whether it's your health/fitness, your body, your financial situation, a relationship, or anything else...you have to blame yourself. You have to acknowledge where you've gone wrong. Then you have to make better decisions.

Your circumstances may not be great. In fact, they may be terrible! But you can't change that. The only thing you can control is yourself. But I promise you this...

If you acknowledge your failures and change your actions, your circumstances start to matter less and less.

You have a choice to make. You can stay in your comfortable house of excuses and remain there all of your days with nothing to show for it, or you can step out into the uncomfortable truth of acknowledging your failures and create the change you've desperately wanted to see.

I hope you make the right choice.