• Nate Johnson

The ONLY Thing That Gets You Results In The Gym

Is there anything more frustrating then spending hours in the gym every week only to see ZERO progress?

Here's what the fitness industry tells you the problem is:

"It comes down to one simple thing. How bad do you want it?"

No, the problem isn't that you don't want it bad enough. I know you want it! The problem is stupid fitness motivation quotes like the one above!

Sure, you have to want it. Yes, it's going to take work. But more important than either of those is...

You Need The Right Plan!!!

But no one seems to be talking about your plan. They're too busy posting half-naked selfies and B.S. inspirational quotes.

I'm sick of the crap in this industry. And I bet you're sick of not getting results.

What if I told you that you could cut your gym time in half while drastically speeding up results? Would you want to know how to do that?

Of course you would! Let's dive in.

Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload is the number 1 most important aspect of your training. In this post I'm going to tell you WHAT it is, WHY it matters, and HOW to implement it.

What is Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload means performing more work over time. When it comes to Strength Training- which is the best form of exercise for the results you're after- Progressive Overload means you should be using more weight and/or doing more reps over time.

Example: if this week you can Squat 75 pounds for 5 reps and 2 weeks later you can Squat 85 pounds for 6 reps with the same form, that is Progressive Overload

Why Progressive Overload Matters

The whole point of working out is to make progress. And the only way to guarantee progress is to follow the rule of progressive overload. It's ridiculously simple and effective.

When you increase your performance in the gym on a consistent basis, you will consistently see positive changes in your body and health. It works 100% of the time. There's absolutely no guesswork!

This should come as a relief to most of you because...

So many of you are going to the gym HOPING that what you're doing will work. HOPING it will get you the results you're after. But if you're being honest, in the back of your head, you really aren't sure.

Progressive Overload frees you from feeling like you have to be sore, tired, nauseous, or hate your trainer in order to make progress. Honestly, it's easy to make workouts that make you sore and tired and want to puke. But none of those things indicate progress.

When you focus on Progressive Overload, you start seeing results crazy fast. And the best part is your workouts are enjoyable. Challenging- sure. Miserable- not a chance.

How to Practically Implement Progressive Overload

Step 1- Choose 6-12 exercises that work the whole body in a balanced way. You can add other exercises to your workouts, but these will be the ones you'll really focus on.

Step 2- Make sure you know how to do the exercises properly. (Want to work with a Personal Trainer on your form? Click Here!)

Step 3- Choose how many days per week you want to workout. We recommend 3 workouts per week that last 45 minutes.

Step 4- Split those 6-12 exercises up over your 3 workout days. We recommend doing full body workouts. I'll give an example at the bottom.

Step 5- Get a notebook so you can write down what you do in your workouts.

Step 6- Get to work. Do 2-3 sets per exercise. Try to do more weight and or reps than you did last week. (Note: Your form needs to be consistent every time you do the exercise, otherwise you won't make good progress and you might even end up getting inured.)

Step 7- Enjoy your progress, smile when you think of all the time you saved, and pat yourself on the back for sparing yourself from the uncertainty and misery that was your previous workouts.

Example Workouts:

Day 1:

Squat- 2 Sets

Bench Press- 2 Sets

Dumbbell Row- 2 Sets

Dumbbell Curls- 2 Sets

Day 2:

Deadlift- 2 Sets

Shoulder Press- 2 Sets

Inverted Row- 2 Sets

Tricep Extensions- 2 Sets

Day 3:

Lunges- 2 Sets

Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 2 Sets

TRX Row- 2 Sets

Ab Wheel- 2 Sets

Do this for 3 months and you'll be blown away at the results. That's a promise. Still skeptical? Check out Danielle's Success Story.

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