• Nate Johnson

Want Better Results? Stop Exercising and Start Training

Training, not Exercising is one of the core principles at Steel Strength Training.

It sounds like I’m just uptight and obsessed with pointless details. But I’m not. I’m just obsessed with getting my clients the best results possible.

That’s why we Train at Steel Strength Training, we don’t just Exercise.

But what’s the difference?

Exercise is working out with a focus only on today. You’re focused on making yourself tired, sore, sweaty, etc. because you aren’t doing this workout with the next 6 months in mind. It's all about today. You're just doing something active.

Training is where each workout builds on the next. It’s not about today. It’s about putting in the work today so 3, 6, and 12 months from now you continue to see incredible progress.

Training is Exercise with a specific purpose.

Don’t get me wrong- Exercise is great! It really is. It burns calories, it gets you results, keeps you healthy, increases your energy, etc. It’s just that the benefits of Exercise pale in comparison to Training.

I promise the day you start Training is the day you start to see the best results of your life.

So how do you start training?

1) Stop Focusing On How You Feel During Your Workouts And Start Tracking Your Performance

You need to write down everything you do in the gym. Everything. Why? Because objective data never lies. If you improve your performance in the gym, your body and health will change too.

That’s why our clients track their workouts in a notebook.

Tracking your workouts gives your training sessions a purpose. Your goal is to perform better than last time.

This is a big contrast from Exercise where you aren’t tracking anything, so instead you just end up focusing on how the workouts make you feel. And that’s not the best way to get the results you’re after.

2) You Should Finish Your Workouts Wanting More

Because Exercise is so short-sighted, you end up crushing yourself in every workout. This is not good!

When you crush yourself every workout, your body isn’t able to recover and you eventually burnout either physically from exhaustion or mentally because you just can’t push yourself that hard again.

Instead of leaving your workouts exhausted, you should leave them wanting more. This it ensures your body can recover from the work you did; and that’s super important because your results come from being able to recover from your workouts. Not from demolishing your body in the gym.

3) Know That Not Every Workout Is Going To Be Instagram Worthy

Training is like any other wonderful thing in life- marriage, parenting, family, friendships, work, etc. It takes work.

Some days you’re loving the process and you are freaking incredible at what you do (This is 10% of your workouts.)

Most days you put in pretty good work, but it’s nothing worth bragging about on Social Media (this is 80% of your workouts.)

And some days…well, some days just suck. But you still put in the work (this is 10% of your workouts.)

Just like all the good things mentioned above, you don’t quit when you have a bad day. You just keep putting in the work. And eventually you’ll look back and think, “Wow, I’m a much better husband/wife/friend/dad/mom/employee/etc. than I was 6 months ago.”

Exercise tells you to lay it all on the line every workout. This is impossible to sustain.

Training tells you to be faithful, put in the work over a long period of time, and enjoy the incredible results. And trust me... the results will be much, much better than you'll ever see from Exercising.

Are you ready to stop Exercising and start Training?

Good! You need to:

1) Focus a lot more on your performance in the gym, and less on how you feel

2) Finish your workouts feeling like you could have done more

3) Put in the work consistently for the next 6 months

If you do these 3 things, I promise you’ll see better results than you ever have before!

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