• Nate Johnson

You Don't Need a New Diet; Here's What You Should Do Instead

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

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“I just read about (Paleo/Intermittent Fasting/South Beach/Fill in the Blank With Any Generic Diet Plan), I think I’m going to give it a try.”

This is usually said after having tried at least a dozen diets that never worked. (Obviously they didn’t work, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for yet another diet.”

But you don’t need a better diet. You need better eating habits.

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Eating habits are the one thing every single diet plan out there fails to address.

Any “diet” you start assumes you’re like a robot. Sure, it works so long as you stick with it. But you won’t stick with it long term because it’s inherently restrictive. And like clockwork, you gain all the weight back plus some extra pounds as soon as you quit the diet.

Look yourself in the mirror. Acknowledge this is exactly what happens every time you start any diet. Now ask yourself, “Do I actually think this new diet will be any different? Or am I just hoping it will?”

Look, I get it. 100%. It’s frustrating when you aren’t seeing results. You’re frustrated and insecure and don't know what to do. This is exactly the kind of person the fitness industry loves to prey on. You’re desperate for results and you’re willing to pay. I know this because I too have spent thousands of dollars on supplements, workout routines, and diets hoping to get the results I wanted.

Turns out that’s not what I needed. It’s not what you need either.

At Steel Strength Training, we finally “unlocked” the secret code to transforming your body, health, and lifestyle. And it turns out the “secret code” is actually not a secret at all.

Transforming your body, health, and lifestyle is all about acknowledging what your current exercise and eating habits look like, and taking baby steps to slowly but consistently improve them over time in a way that’s both effective AND enjoyable.

Today we’re going to specifically address eating habits.

1) Changing Your Eating Habits Isn’t Sexy (But the Results Are)

It’s sexy and socially acceptable to say you’re starting a new diet. Especially if it’s featured in a magazine with a picture of a hot model next to it. You know, the models who are Photoshopped and probably don’t even do the diet you’re starting. But hey, they’re hot and they’re next to it so….it has to be good right?

Plus Dr. Oz said…

Anyways, habit change is a long process. It takes commitment, hard-work, and patience. Then again, so does anything in life worth having.

If you’re still holding out hope for a quick fix, this article won’t serve you well. You may as well hop over to Google and start searching for the latest fad diet.

But if you’re at a place where you’re so fed up with “diets,” this is good news. You’re willing to put in the work. Heck, you’re willing to do anything! You don’t even care how long it takes. You just want to make a lasting change.

I’m not sugarcoating anything here. You’re about to read nothing but truth. If you’re OK with taking a not sexy approach that is guaranteed to work, read on!

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2) Acknowledge Your Starting Point

One of the biggest issues with diets is they don’t address where you’re starting. Diets treat the person who shops the perimeter of the grocery store the same as the person whose cart is full of mostly boxes and containers. Diets also assume you’re a robot that can be programmed to execute the plan perfectly.

That’s idiotic.

We’re humans. We’re imperfect. We have habits that we’ve created after decades of eating. And we have varying emotional relationships with food.

We're unique.

So what works for me won’t work for you won’t work for your grandma.

You need to start this process by taking account of what your current eating habits look like.

Write down what a typical day of eating looks like. Then write down your top 1-3 eating habits. Then write down your worst 1-3 eating habits.

3) Start Small

Every 2 weeks, aim to replace 1 of those bad habits with 1 good habit. Keep these habit changes really small. I’m talking stupid simple change here.

For example, let’s say you drink 4 sodas per day but only 3 bottles of water. For the next 2 weeks, I want you to drink 3 sodas per day and 4 bottles of water.

Will a change like this drastically transform your body? Nope. In fact, the change may not be super noticeable in the beginning.

But two things are guaranteed to happen.

First, this change is so easy you have absolutely no excuse not to do it. If you’re not willing to do this, you’re obviously not committed to creating a lifestyle change.

Second, when you change 1 habit every 2 weeks for an entire year, you will have taken your 26 worst eating habits and replaced them with something good. Can you imagine the impact that will have on your eating??

You probably don’t even have 26 horrible eating habits. This means after 1 year, your eating habits will be near perfect and as a result, so will your body and health.

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4) Nothing is Off Limits

If you tell a kid not to put their hand in the cookie jar, what are they going to do? Yep, you guessed it. That hand will be in the cookie jar faster than you can say “Chocolate Chip.”

We laugh at how funny kids’ behavior is, yet we do the same thing. Think about it.

Why are diets so hard? Why do they feel so restrictive? Because you know you “can’t” have certain foods.

When you can’t have them, you want them. And when you finally quit the diet, whether it’s after 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month, you go and inhale 10 times the amount of those foods as you normally would.

You missed them. You felt deprived. And now you’re reunited in perfect bliss. Yummmm…ice cream!

I have a confession: Despite telling my clients no foods are off limits, I didn’t implement this myself. I just felt ice cream was too dangerous to keep in the house. But when I did buy it, I would absolutely CRUSH it. I’m talking AT LEAST half of a half gallon in one sitting.

Sometimes more. It was stupid!

I decided to put my own rule to the test. I could have as much ice cream as I wanted, whenever I wanted it. For 2 weeks I ate like ice cream like an absolute maniac. (BlueBell Ice Cream of course.) I probably went through 2 GALLONS of ice cream by myself. I loved every second of it too.

Since then, ice cream has lost its grip on me. I still like it. A lot! But it’s easy to pass up, or to just get a small cup of it. I no longer feel the need to binge on it.

Give yourself a couple weeks to eat as much of any foods as you want. Enjoy it. Then watch their grip on you fade away.

When your health, fitness, and feeling good are priorities, you simply won’t want to eat these foods very frequently. And when you do, you can enjoy them in normal quantities guilt-free.

But remember, this freedom only comes when you break free of saying certain foods are off limits.

5) Measure Your Progress

All this talk about habits is great, but at the end of the day our goal is to get results. Really amazing results!

How can we guarantee we’ll get amazing results that last?

Two ways:

First, you have to implement the plan above:

-Accept That Habit Change Isn’t Sexy (But the Results Are)

-Acknowledge Your Starting Point

-Start Small

-Nothing is Off Limits

Second, measure your progress and adjust accordingly.

We measure our clients once per month. We measure weight, waist, and right arm. Most importantly we take a progress photo!

The important thing is you measure a few points and take a progress photo every month.

These measurements will show whether or not you’re seeing the changes you want.

If you’re seeing good changes, great! Keep crushing it.

If not, you either need to be patient and trust the plan OR up the speed at which you change your habits. Maybe you change 1 habit every week rather than every 2 weeks. This leads to 52 habits changed in a year vs. 26!

I can promise you this: if you’re implementing this plan, you’ll see better fat loss in 2018 than you ever have before.

Before you think your progress is or isn’t good, let me give you some objective data to compare your results with. I've come up with these numbers after years of training dozens of men and women.

You should, at the very least, be seeing changes at the lower end of these ranges. If you’re not, you need to make an adjustment.

Here are some of the changes you should expect to see:

Waist: Down 1-2 Inches Every 1 Month

Arm: Down 1/8-1/4 Inch Every 1 Month

Progress Photos: Significant Visual Differences Every 3 Months

If you see progress at the bottom end of those ranges, you will lose 12 inches from your waist and 1 ½ inches from your arm in 2018. That’s a HUGE change!

I hope by now you see the importance of ditching diets, addressing habits, and being patient. This truly is the fastest way to transform your body, health, and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for some guidance and accountability during this process, click HERE and fill out our form and I’ll contact you personally within 24 hours.

Or you can give me a call at 205-705-9591.

Either way, I look forward to hearing about your goals and telling you about our program.

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