• Nate Johnson

You Only Need 3 Workouts Per Week

You aren’t getting the results you want, so you logically assume you need to do more.

It makes sense right? If your current routine isn’t cutting it, more HAS to be the answer.



I frequently cut peoples’ workout time in half while doubling or tripling their results. But how is this possible?

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Here are the 3 main reasons:

1) You’re Not Training Hard

Show me someone that works out 6 days per week and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t train hard.

And before you get upset about this, let me say that as someone who’s been around the fitness industry for 10 years- most people don’t train hard enough to stimulate good progress.

But most people think they train hard because they think sweating, being nauseous, and being exhausted are good indicators of training hard. They’re not.

In fact my clients always feel better after working out than when they came in. Despite training really hard.

Think about this: If you’re training 3 days per week, you’re going to have the physical and mental capacity to train harder than someone who works out 6 days per week. It just makes sense.

When it comes to Strength Training, a few high quality sets per workout produces much better results than dozens of mediocre sets.

Don’t confuse more with better. Train less, train harder, and the results will come.

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2) You’re Not Recovering From the Workouts

When it comes to recovery, the more sets you do, the longer it takes to recover. And let’s not forget the whole point of Strength Training is to workout, recover, and come back stronger than the last workout.

But you can’t do that if you aren’t giving your body time to rest and repair after each workout.

And unless you’re 16 years old, sleeping 10 hours per night, and eating a perfect diet with plenty of calories…you simply can’t recover from 6 workouts per week.

3 Workouts Per Week allows you to train harder AND recover faster.

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3) You’re Justifying Your Crappy Eating Habits

“Nate, I really want to start doing extra workouts.”


“Well I’m not losing fat as fast as I’d like”

“How’s your diet?”

“It’s ok…but I really want to start doing extra workouts”

People who workout the most tend to get the slowest results.

How is this possible??

I’ve noticed people who workout 6 days per week feel justified in eating whatever they want.

Not only are their workouts less effective than those who are working out 3 days per week, their diets are worse! It’s a deadly combination that will bring your results to a crawl.

I don’t care who you are or how special your Momma said you were…you CAN NOT out-train a bad diet.

Sooner or later you have to learn how to eat like an adult. You might as well start today!

Don’t workout 6 days per week thinking you can eat whatever you want. It’ll come back to bite you.

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4) Bonus: Your Plan Isn’t Sustainable

Most people who workout 6 days per week are starting (or re-starting) their fitness journey.

They’re motivated. They’re excited. This time they’re really going to do it!

Sadly, they probably won’t.

Excitement won’t give you a body, health, and lifestyle that last a lifetime. Consistency will.

Show me someone who works out 6 days per week and I’ll show you someone who won’t be working out for long.

If you’ve been working out 5, 6, or even 7 days per week…stop right now!

Start working out 3 days per week, focus your workouts on Strength Training, and train hard.

Give your body plenty of time to recover, eat like an adult, and enjoy the faster results and the more sustainable plan!

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